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Einstein API Dashboard

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Hi Salesforce folks,

I have created an APP in salesforce to call Einstein Language and Vision API. You can manage your datasets, models and make predictions using this APP. You don't need to perform any curl command to do any action, it is complete point and click based.

How to use :-

1) First of all, you need to register with Einstein. for this, a trailhead module can help you to register with Einstein.

at the end of this submodule you would get a private key which is needed.

2) Install the Einstein API Dashboard app.

3) Open app from app launcher.

click on Add Einstein Profile and enter your name, Email Id and private key and click on save.

Click on Dashboard Settings and select your Einstein Profile, choose Intent or vision API and click on Use.

Now if you already have any dataset on einstein, it will show as follows.

Now you can train datasets, fetch models and make predictions. A detailed working of this tool is available on my youtube channel. Video Link here.

Some images from App:-

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