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Salesforce Integration With Zapier

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online automation tool which is used to connect multiple third party applications and requires absolutely zero coding experience. It provides very easy way to connect around 2000 applications like gmail, linkedin, twitter, google sheets, google calendar.

In this blog I will show you how to connect your applications with salesforce and create some automation to transfer the data. I will be using google sheets and transfer its data to salesforce. Lets get started :-

  1. Go to link You will see below screen. Here you need to create account and Sign in.

2. Below screen will appear when you signed in. It will ask you to connect with your apps, if you see I have selected Google sheets and salesforce to connect. Then, select the trigger point like in this example whenever a record gets created in google sheets, a new account will be created in Salesforce. Now, click on UseZap button to proceed further.

3. Now you have to choose an google account where you have created your google sheet and click on continue.

4. After that select your google spread sheet and then worksheet.

5. Now, in the below step you will choose your second app and event. App is salesforce and action is Create record as we are transferring account record from google sheets to salesforce.

Click on Continue button.

6. Next step is to choose your Salesforce account where you want to transfer your data.

7. After you have selected your salesforce account it will ask you choose your object and fill its required fields as shown below. Fill all the details and at the bottom of the page click on Test and Continue button. It will test the record creation in Account object.

8. If the record is successfully created in Salesforce you will see button Turn On ZAP as shown below. Click on this button and its done. Your Zap process has created.

Now, whenever you will enter new row in google spreadsheet it will automatically create record in salesforce in Account object. In this way you can do many more integrations using this tool and make your tasks automated.

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