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Salesforce introduced native Backup and Restore feature

Salesforce has introduced native backup and restore feature in Dreamforce. This feature will be publicly available in October 2021.

Backup of data/code in salesforce has always been a pain point. There were no inbuilt support to take backup and while performing any major deployment, users have to manually take backups of code/data.

There were many 3rd party solutions available to support this feature but now it is coming to Salesforce, which can automatically take backup.

Built with ease of use in mind, Backup and Restore automatically creates backup copies of business data, empowering any organization to restore data and recover, in just a few clicks, from even worst-case scenarios.

With this feature, customers will be able to automate daily backups of standard objects, custom objects, and files and attachments in Salesforce. Customers will also be able to restore backed-up data into orgs, automatically delete old backups after designated time intervals, and perform high-level audits on who is initiating, modifying, or running backups.

What will be available for backup

you can take backup of two type of information

  1. Data

  2. Metadata

Salesforce provides four APIs to backup data and metadata information from the application:



  • Bulk API

  • Metadata API

These types of backup will be available

For more information visit Salesforce Documentation

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