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Salesforce New Development tool : Salesforce Code Builder

Since the launch of lightning web components, developers have only one option of creating lightning web components i.e. visual studio code desktop application. You cannot create LWC components even from the developer console. Moreover, code of LWC files are visible only in vs code.

So, even for learning and demo purpose, developer needs to be install software, extensions and setup the org inside vs code. If you have company laptop, then the high chances are you need to take permission to install these software and extensions. So overall, the process is not easy and the idea of having cloud based platform is defeated.

Salesforce has recently introduced code builder, which is completely browser based and provides the same interface and features as VS Code. Users who are familiar with VS code can easily switch to web based code builder.

Code Builder comes with everything you need to build applications on the Salesforce Platform, including Salesforce Extensions, the Salesforce CLI, Git integration, and it’s authenticated to your current Salesforce org. What’s really amazing about Code Builder is that it isn’t just a lightweight editor that runs in the browser – every instance of Code Builder is backed by its own powerful Virtual Machine. This means Code Builder will allow you to do everything from simple code edits, to Lightning Web Component development and advanced Apex debugging. It also includes support for Node.js and Java, all without leaving the browser. - From SFDC Documentation

Developer can develop following types.

Lightning Web Component

The most exciting feature of Code builder is the you can develop, debug and deploy LWC component from code builder to your org.


All other apex code which is already available in vs code desktop version.


You can click on below link to visit complete documentation on Code builder

Code builder is currently in pilot and are available to selected customer.

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Sridhar NareshIT
Sridhar NareshIT
Jul 28, 2023

Thanks for updating us about the latest developments in salesforce , I appreciate your efforts in providing such a great content , Expecting more good content form u .

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