Scheduable Apex in Salesforce

To commence with, I will discuss what is the term Schedulable Apex. It means that you can schedule or execute an block of code at a particular time. You can either execute a class, a batch class, or a queueable class. In this blog I will elaborate all these methods to explain schedulable apex.

Schedulable Apex

The Apex Scheduler lets you delay execution so that you can run Apex classes at a specified time. To schedule jobs, write an Apex class that implements the Schedulable interface, and then schedule it for execution on a specific schedule.

Why : Minimizing the lot of manual effort in daily routine.

Used :

1. To update daily records

2. To run batch class daily or at a particular time.

3. To send an email at a given time.

4. Daily or weekly maintenance tasks


1. From User interface

2. Programatically by system.schedule method

1. Schedulable Apex

To schedule any class or code you need to follow two steps :

1. First implement the Schedulable interface for the class