Top features of Winter 2020 release

Every release comes with plethora of features and innovations that empowers you to connect your customers. Today in this blog we will cover some interesting features that comes under the winter release.

So, here are list of features :-

1. Lightning Components Can Access Public Apex Methods Only in the Same Package :

An Apex class method of an lightning component can't call other apex class method of other package, even if they belongs to same namespace. Which was possible in earlier release. You can’t use the @NamespaceAccessible Apex annotation in an Apex method referenced from a Lightning component.

2. Aura Components in the ui Namespace Are Being Retired :

The ui components are scheduled for retirement in all Salesforce orgs in Summer ’21. Use similar components in the lightning namespace instead. Retiring the legacy components enables us to focus on components that match the latest web standards in performance, accessibility, user experience, and internationalization.

Where: This change applies to orgs with Lightning components in Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and all versions of the Salesforce app.

When: Salesforce plans to end support for Aura components in the ui namespace in Summer ’21. You can continue to use these components beyond Summer ’21, but we won’t accept support cases after that release. For instance

1. ui:actionMenuItem

Replace with lightning:menuItem and lightning:buttonMenu.

2. ui:button

Replace with lightning:button, lightning:buttonIcon, or