What's New in Spring 21 Release

Salesforce recently announced upcoming changes in Spring 21 release notes.

Here I have picked my few favorite features.

  • Create a LWC quick action - Up to this point, we were creating Aura Component Quick Action and wrapping LWC in that. But from this release, user will be able to create a Lightning web component (LWC) and use it as a quick action.

  • Salesforce Functions: Extend Salesforce with Functions (Beta) - Salesforce Functions lets developer extend Salesforce with custom, elastically scalable business logic built with high-productivity programming languages and open-source components. Salesforce Functions reduces your infrastructure responsibilities, enabling you to build and integrate Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) apps using the languages and tools of your choice. User will be write code in other language and will able to execute it.

  • Securely Call the Visualforce Remoting API (Update) - The Visualforce Remoting API uses JavaScript to call methods in Apex controllers directly from Visualforce pages. To ensure that the API is properly secured, calls now have stricter validation.

  • Manual Sharing - Now Manual sharing is available in Lightning as well.

  • More Support for Dynamic Actions - Dynamic actions let you add flexibility and control to actions on your record pages. You can now add multiple filter to show actions on record pages.

  • New Lightning Web Components - These new component are now available

  1. lightning-formatted-date-time

  2. lightning-formatted-number

  3. lightning-relative-date-time

  4. lightning/navigation - standard__managedContentPage - Enables a component to use a pageReference to navigate to a specific